Who made your dinner?

“Fresh prepared” is the fastest growing segment of the food delivery and takeout business.  Let’s call this what it really is (not entirely, but overwhelmingly) supermarket-made food to go.

Better than most frozen dinner options?  Probably, but most things I see aren’t particularly appealing and are pricey for what they are.  Go up-market with Whole Foods or a local grocer / specialty store and you’ll spend as much as you would going out for a decent meal, often with disappointing food.


Odds are, the guy who made your dinner isn’t much of a cook.  He may have been promoted last week from the deli counter.

So while I love the $5.00 rotisserie chickens from BJs, I steer clear of most of their prepared foods and I’m definitely not going to buy their sushi.  I’ve also been disappointed by Whole Foods prepared foods, based on both quality and price.

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