The Voter Fraud Farce


Stop the madness! The election isn’t rigged and widespread voter fraud doesn’t exist. Many, many, smart people have researched this in depth and the wild claims of rampant fraud simply don’t match the evidence.

More here, from the Brennan Center for Justice

I know, I know, they’re a liberal think tank. While that’s mostly true, they’re hardly the only ones to do the work and reach this conclusion.

Here’s a handy link to many articles and studies on voter fraud. They come from universities, SCOTUS, US DOJ, courts across the country (mostly in red states), and others. None have found evidence of widespread voter fraud.

I know, I know, WaPo is a terrible paper. Biased, etc. But they did their homework on this here.

Why so little fraud?

Think, for just a moment, about how all of this works…

Our systems are robust. Here in Massachusetts, and across much of the country, local voting is run by our friends and neighbors. They roll up to the city/town level, and eventually up to the state. Layer upon layer of checks and balances are baked into the system.

At the state level, the Secretary of State oversees the process. In many cases, including MA and NH, these people have been in office across several governors and while they may favor one party over the other, they have served under both.

Further, Republicans dominate at the state level, in both gubernatorial and legislative roles. If you want to complain, in advance and without evidence, about “massive voter fraud”, look to members of your own party to ensure clean elections in 31 states.

So Why All the Talk?

It starts with the angry sweet potato. That’s bad enough, but the degree to which it is parroted on TV and social media by Trump-bots and run-of-the-mill dullards is disturbing.

Yes, it’s happening now. Always does. These are noise level incidents.

Attacking your opponent on policy, record, and character is always fair game. In this particularly nasty, post-policy cycle, I’ll even accept the lies and misinformation. For as ugly as all of this is, it’s free expression and fits within our democratic process.

But the unfounded allegations of a rigged election are a bridge too far…

This undermines the democratic process and is grossly un-American. If you’re going to malign the bedrock of our democracy, you’d better have solid evidence. Instead, this myth is being perpetuated with unfounded assertions, innuendo, and carefully cut suggestive video clips.

You’re attacking your friends and neighbors. You’re chipping away at the foundation of democratically elected, representative government. It’s dangerous and it needs to stop.

This is an apolitical, civic matter. I hope you’ll join me in standing up to those who seek to undermine our electoral process with irresponsible rhetoric.

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