Vote for Trump, four reasons

Amidst the chaos and frenzy of this unusual electoral cycle, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest soundbite attack. Let’s take a longer view and explore four sound reasons to vote for Trump.

You’re a coal miner, or want to become one.

Little argument here. He promises to have your back and ignores global warming. In conjunction with other scientifically illiterate lawmakers, he may actually be able to expand coal production and help you out.

You’re rich.

Like Republican candidates before him, he supports cutting taxes for the rich — notably by trimming the top marginal income tax rate by about a third and eliminating the widely reviled death tax. (Note: .2% of Americans are subject to estate taxes. If you’re married with two kids, you can usually transfer $20M without tax penalty.)

The tax plan doesn’t match the populist rhetoric, but if you’re already rich, a vote for Trump is probably in your interest.

You’re stupid.

Globalization is real and it’s here to stay. Deny it if you like, but it’s as real as gravity. The rest of the world is going to play ball, whether you want to or not.

This isn’t Putin’s Russia and our president can’t make companies do this or that, stay or leave, hire, expand, etc.

Heavy tariffs will lead to trade wars. We are world leaders in technology and innovation. Embrace it. Invest in it. Protectionism never works.

Please tell me more about how the guy who screws vendors, pays so little in taxes and has openly proposed economic policies that benefit the rich and add significantly to the national debt is your populist champion.

You’re an asshole.

Are you racist? Xenophobic? Misogynistic? Do you want to “take our country back”? Your candidate has arrived.

I’m no fan of HRC, but the choice is binary. Trump supporters, which of these is you?

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