Andy Horvitz, founder

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Andy Horvitz, founder

I’m Andy Horvitz- entrepreneur, foodie, and dad. I founded No Pots & Pans to offer a healthy and convenient meal solution to people like me and families like mine.

I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it, but with two young kids and my wife and I both working, it’s hard to find the time. Since pizza and Chinese are all we can get delivered in Hudson and the frozen prepared stuff is garbage, I started this business to offer a better solution.

How we cook:

In short, probably like you would at home, if you had the time:

  • Fresh proteins, vegetables, herbs, and spices
  • Light use of butter, cream, sugar, and salt

Our menu changes weekly and we’re constantly testing and introducing new items, while bringing back some of your favorites from time to time.

Where we cook:

While I’m aware of several food startups that have ignored regulations and are using residential kitchens, I chose a different path. We’re licensed as a restaurant; we just don’t have any tables. We work out of a commercial kitchen and are a licensed food establishment. I’m a ServSafe Food Protection Manager and we strictly adhere to best practices when we cook for you.


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