Justin Amash and the Sad State of the GOP

Justin Amash – Not a Partisan Hack

…and that’s why he’s at risk

Rep. Justin Amash (R, MI) is a good man. He and I diverge politically on some important issues (abortion, environment, healthcare), but I agree with his libertarian views on other matters (defense/surveillance, foreign policy, individual liberties). Most importantly, he’s thoughtful and principled, not just another partisan sycophant.

Because he’s not a lap dog for the GOP leadership and the President, he’s long been at odds with the clapping seals who define his party. In May, he became the first GOP Congressman to publicly voice his support for impeachment. Earlier this week, he resigned from the House Freedom Caucus, of which he was a founding member.

His independence and his Twitter account have brought him into the national political conversation and raised his profile considerably. Is he planning to run for President in 2020? I doubt it. His party has left him. He has no chance of winning.

So what have his principled leadership and national profile gotten him?

He’s no longer funded by the Devos family. POTUS and Don Jr. are attacking him and will likely campaign against him. And he’s now down 16 points to a Trump-swab primary challenger.


Michigan Republicans – you can do better. You have a year.

When Amash’s brand of common sense and decency (he’s not perfect, but he’s pretty good) put you at risk of losing your party’s primary to an avowed partisan hack, something is broken.

That something is the GOP. Mindless adherence to the President’s callous agenda du jour is what the party now requires. It’s a sad day when the abdication of truth, decency, and oversight responsibilities, are the keys to a primary victory. I hope that’s not what Michigan Republicans actually want. There’s plenty of time. I hope you’ll choose wisely. I hope.

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