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Thanks Bostinno for last week’s mention. I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to expound upon what we do:

1. We’re not an app.  We’ll have one eventually, and likely sooner than later, but not yet. We’re an e-commerce business.

2. We cook.  Different from some of the businesses mentioned in the story, and those popping up every day, we make food. Foodler is a great business, one that does something very different from what we do. If you live in the ‘burbs, that difference is enormous — what’s the point of a delivery service if your local options stink?

3. We’re legal.  We cook in a commercial kitchen and are licensed as a restaurant (just don’t have a dining room). If you want to sell food in Massachusetts (or 48 other states), you need to be licensed and work in a commercial kitchen. We are and we do. Selling most foods, and any decent meals, from a residential kitchen is illegal.


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