Intro to No Pots & Pans

Why are we here?  How did we get here?

I’m Andy Horvitz, entrepreneur and foodie.  I created No Pots & Pans to help you eat better.

People want to eat healthy, but our demanding lives (read: work, kids, etc.) often make that difficult.  The time required to plan, shop for, and prepare healthy meals is often not available in our jam-packed schedules.  That, coupled with the fact that traditional, widely available takeout and delivery options are usually wildly unhealthy (think pizza, Chinese), led me to create No Pots & Pans.

We’re making healthy meals available and affordable, and delivering them on demand.

I’ll know more soon about when and where we’ll launch, but I can tell you that we’ll start by covering a few towns and expand the service area as fast as we can.  Please sign up for our mailing list and check in here, so we can keep you up to date, but here’s a view into what we’re planning:

At launch, we’re planning to offer three meal options daily – vegetarian, chicken, and beef or fish – at price points ranging from $10-15 per entree.  These will be complete, chef prepared meals made from high quality, sustainable ingredients.  They’re going to be great.

To keep things fresh, we’ll offer new meal options daily.

So we can deliver the highest quality meals to you, we prepare then chill our food.  Just reheat for a few minutes and enjoy!

Thanks for visiting the site and reading our blog.  Check back regularly for updates on No Pots & Pans!

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